Monday, December 13, 2010

Propaganda Candy's Chicago Premier!!!

Propaganda Candy got the news last week that (thanks to Philip of Raines Honey Farm) we will be selling our wares in Lincoln Park Chicago in the fabulous Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum's South Gallery!!!
You can find more details about the event here, but these are the fast facts:
WHO: Propaganda Candy and many other fine vendors
WHAT: The Chicago Local and Fair Trade Holiday Gift Bazaar
WHERE: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, South Gallery (2430 N. Cannon Dr.)
WHEN: December 19th 11AM-5PM
WHY: To buy some wicked-awesome gifts for all your friends and family!
HOW: Pay $5 at the door, unless you are 12 and under...then you get in FREE!
Check out the Facebook page to stay updated on this event and others!
And, just a hint, there might be some deals going on for those who shop at the event.
Just sayin'.
Carolyn Michelle

Monday, November 29, 2010


Vintage goods are going like hotcakes!!! I'm pretty sure it's due to Tara Lea's ah-mazing photography!! The Vintage Nerd Sweater is going to be on it's way to a new, happy home this week. Get your goods before they are gone, because with vintage, once we are out....we are OUT.

Happy Cyber Monday everyone!! Don't forget to hit up Etsy for all your awesome Christmas-gifty needs. If you don't see what you like, there are tons of designers more than willing to do custome orders if you just ask. :)

Lots of love!
-Carolyn Michelle

Sunday, November 21, 2010

All we have to say is.... items on Etsy.

Propaganda Candy Vintage.
Is this a thing?'s a thing.

Ps: We love Tara Lea, our photographer

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First Etsy Sale!!

All's quite on the Candy front? I think not!!

I am please to announce on behalf of both Samantha Marie and myself, that Propaganda Candy has just made it's first sale. HOORAH!!!

And, my dear Candy Fans, it was not only just a was a quadruple sale! Four Finger Candy Rings to one lucky buyer. What a good first sale. Indeed.

So you know what that means? Two things:
1. A new video shall be forthcoming
2. New listings are called for even MORE

Keep checking back here, on the Etsy, and on Facebook for more propaganda from your favorite crazy crafters!

Love you,
Carolyn Michelle (on behalf of Samantha Marie and Carolyn Michelle)

Celebratory fireworks photo from Darryle Pollack's blog

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey! How was the Pec Thing?!

How was the Pec Thing? I think it's all summed up pretty well in this fantabulous video:


In other news: (In case you missed it in the video) Propaganda Candy now sells VINTAGE CLOTHING and we are getting ready to rock n' roll on some more super-fab listings in our Etsy, so standby for awesome in the coming weeks!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pec Thing Cometh!

Indeed it does!

And the wonderful news is that some dear little ladies from our dorm hall are all excited about making the trek back home with Samantha Marie and I! Three girls (Sarah, Trisha, and Becca) will journey into the world of insane crafty-sales this Friday.

Basically, we told them that the Pec Thing is a gi-gan-toid flea market/craft show with tons of cool stuff and they were all like, "Oh heck yes we'll come help you!!" Plus, my dad may or may not be making homemade pizza Saturday night.

Bribery with food and flea markets. I love these girls.

But seriously, they are wonderfully fun and kind for coming with this weekend. It's going to be an all-night, all-out craft-a-thon Friday night in order to make sure everything is all set for Saturday morning. We are kind of pushing it this time, but I have faith. Especially with the addition of three more sets of helping hands.

Five days until we open!! Keep us in your prayers.

Lord knows we need them...

Carolyn Michelle

Photo: Propaganda Candy at the Spring Pec Thing 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We are LIVE on Etsy!

What a way to use a 10th blog post!!

As of 12:14 PM on September 6th, 2010, Propaganda Candy went live on

It is one of the biggest moments in Propaganda Candy-dom.

There's not much more to say...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy September Candy Fans!!

Happy September indeed!!

So many things are happening within this month. For example, did you know that September is the "AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month," "Mold Awareness Month," "National Chicken Month," "Library Card Sign-up Month," and "Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month"? Who knew?!

In addition to all those important things, September is also the month of the Fall Pecatonica "Pec Thing": an event at which Propaganda Candy will be selling its goods. Want more info? Clicky-click THIS to read on. Not only should I be wishing you all a Happy September, but I should also be wishing you a "Sweet Sixteen-More-Days-Until-the-Fall-Pec-Thing."

Man are we busy!!

That's all for now! I'm off to inspect my fridge for fuzzy objects, appreciate my dog, check out some books, eat a chicken, and assert my right to the kindness of people.

Hey, it's be kind to Editors & Writers month! I write...don't I?!

Carolyn Michelle

Ps: Did you notice the video bar to the right? Propaganda Candy is on YouTube now!!

Photo Credits: 1) 2) 3) peppered thought 4) Uppercase Gallery

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A moment of rest...

In our crafty lives, it is important to take a few moments to just enjoy the simple fact that we are alive.

Exhibit A: Samantha Marie taking a brief siesta before our day of activity begins.

Later today I'll be sitting out on the lawn in front of our dorm building teaching people how to crochet. Propaganda Candy has been garnering much interest from our floormates, thus this crafty event has been planned. Perhaps our level of Candy Fans on Facebook will increase even more drastically (we have over 100 fans!!!!).

It has been a long time since I have hosted something like this, and I am fairly certain it shall be a success. We are all drained from our first week of classes: I decided today should be a "No homework day" due to the amount of Sharpie inhalation we have all suffered.

(It seems every art class has assigned an art project involving large amounts of sharpie use.)

It is a good plan, ya think?

Wish us luck!
-Carolyn Michelle

PS: read our Facebook page to see updates about the Pec Thing!! It's fast approaching!!!

Photo: Samantha Marie Takes a Nap Aug. 28 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Blogger: I will win.

I will have my cake and eat it to.

Like the new look? Our beloved Propaganda Candy Blog has been going under some serious design work over the last few days (If you have been checking regularly, you know that we've gone through at least 156 backgrounds and exponentially more font combos). And, after quite a few major battles with Blogger's semi-new Template "designer," I think we are finally satisfied with the look.

Samantha Marie is, at this moment, taking a well deserved nap after dealing with me. I forced her to come in and sit through each and every possible design nuance our blog could have. When we eventually settled on this, she stood up, announced that she was tired, and ambled off to her dorm for a nap. She must have made good on that, considering I haven't seen her since.

Now that we have this spiffy new blog design, let's get some fun content, eh? I'd like some comments for sa-weet ideas of what you, the readers, want to see.

Lots of love,
Carolyn Michelle

Ps: More official documentation of Propaganda Candy being an official business arrived yesterday. Spiffffyyyyy.

Photo: Yummy cake from the Trident @ NIU. Aug 25 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Propaganda Candy Says a Sweet Hello to Dorm Life!

Propaganda Candy Says a Sweet Hello to Dorm Life!

Candy Fans in the DeKalb area will be excited to know that Propaganda Candy has officially moved in to it's new, college home. As of August 19th, Samantha Marie and I are living, studying, and crafting on the NIU campus in DeKalb, IL.

What does that mean to the business?

New friends, craft enthusiasts, and opportunities are bubbling to the surface and let me tell you, it is quite exciting! The Community Adviser for our floor is totally supportive of our endeavors and plans to make an official title for the two of us within our floor's council thing. Our vote is in for the title of "Crafty Goddesses" so that we can plan all a ton of awesome craft-tastic events for the girls on our floor. is that going?

Crafting between our two dorm rooms will take some adjusting for certain, but it will be fine. Samantha and I are planning on hitting up the great downtown of DeKalb today in order to scope out the craft supply stores. Apparently there is a Michael's, a JoAnn Fabric, and a Big Lots. Hoorah!

Also, there is a store here called The Yarn Exchange. You can feel free to assume that I am going to be all over that. Truth.

So that, my friends, is where we are. If you are a Ni-You Huskie reading this, leave us a comment! Add us on Facebook! Holla and represent that Huskie pride!

And...I'm out.
Carolyn Michelle

PS: We have an new event!! Check it out on the Facebook page!

Photos Top to Bottom: 1. Propaganda Candy business cards on Carolyn Michelle's desk, ready to be handed out to the masses.
2. Now you know where Carolyn Michelle sleeps: on a zebra.
3. Food stuffs in the dormroom of CM and roommate Kera Rose (from CM's High School).

Friday, May 21, 2010

Who Can Get Free Stuff? The Candy Fans Can!!

Any business owner will tell you that there are tasks within the business that are just no fun to do: taxes, cleaning, taxes, dealing with dumb people, or taxes. However, the fun tasks are always rewarding enough to cancel out the pain and suffering involved in the un-fun tasks. Here at Propaganda Candy, it is no different...

One of our favorite things to do for the business is make buttons.

Samantha and I love to design buttons, print buttons, punch buttons, assemble buttons, buttons, buttons, buttons!! While we do the un-fun parts of business, we think of ideas for buttons. I don't know about Samantha, but I can say that I even design buttons in the shower. Sammi's younger brother and my younger sister even get into the act and help out on the production line. We LOVE buttons!!

"Okay! We get it! But what does the button-obsession have to do with the free stuff you mentioned in the title?!"

Well, my friends, Propaganda Candy has an offer for all the Candy Fans out there (did I mention that there are 71 Candy Fans on Facebook? SWEET!!) : when you come to our next event (The Yellow Creek Crafters, Antiques, and Flea Market) print off a page of our blog, or, a page from Facebook that displays you being a fan of Propaganda Candy. Bring that page to the show and you will get a free 1" button (of your choice) with your purchase.

Easy? Yes.

Awesome? Totally.

Event details are still right here on Facebook.

Hope to see all our Candy Fans out in Freeport in two weeks!!

Lots of love and blessings,
Carolyn Michelle

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Pec Thing Recap and Future Event Announcement

Hello everyone! Here's a quick summary of the debut of the Propaganda Candy debut:

It was awesome!

So many friends, family, and new faces visited the booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, not only did Propaganda Candy break even, we had the finances available to rent a booth and table at another show.

Da-da-da! Announcing the second-ever Propaganda Candy event:

Propaganda Candy will be at the Yellow Creek Crafters, Antique, and Flea Market show at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds in Freeport, Illinois.

June 5th and 6th from 8 AM-5 PM. $2 entrance fee, but kids 10 and under are FREE!

It will be much the same type of show as the Pec Thing: tons of vendors across the fairgrounds selling anything from furniture to food.

All this event info and more can be found on our Facebook page for the show. Also, if you haven't already, make sure to "Like" Propaganda Candy on Facebook. When you do, you'll get to receive show updates, get to see even more pictures, and watch our official videos. Do it.

That's the end of my shameless self-propaganda.

Hmmm...I wonder where we got the name from...

Have a blessed and crazy week!
Carolyn Michelle

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day I: The Debut of Propaganda Candy at the Pecatonica "Pec Thing"

There is no remedy so powerful to a case of the pre-show nerves as a perfectly lovely spring day.

Hello, and welcome to the debut of Propaganda Candy, a crafty collaboration of me, Carolyn Michelle, and my dear friend Samantha Marie. Our first ever event began today in Pecatonica, Illinois at the 30th Annual "Pec Thing."

For those poor unfortunate souls who have never heard of the Pec Thing, I'll break it down for you: basically, it's a giant garage sale/flea market/craft show/amazing thing in which sellers rent booths and sell whatever they can haul in. :) Samantha and I hauled in crafty goods.

This has been an interesting experience thus far and, my dears, it has only been a day. Did I mention this was our first show, EVER?! Hence, the tired, incoherent ramble-of-a-post this has become.

If anyone is reading this at the moment, I will solemnly vow to provide a more detailed history (after some sleep perhaps?) of Propaganda Candy and those responsible.

For now, hang tight. Good night. See you in Pec?

Lots of love,
Carolyn Michelle