Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Blogger: I will win.

I will have my cake and eat it to.

Like the new look? Our beloved Propaganda Candy Blog has been going under some serious design work over the last few days (If you have been checking regularly, you know that we've gone through at least 156 backgrounds and exponentially more font combos). And, after quite a few major battles with Blogger's semi-new Template "designer," I think we are finally satisfied with the look.

Samantha Marie is, at this moment, taking a well deserved nap after dealing with me. I forced her to come in and sit through each and every possible design nuance our blog could have. When we eventually settled on this, she stood up, announced that she was tired, and ambled off to her dorm for a nap. She must have made good on that, considering I haven't seen her since.

Now that we have this spiffy new blog design, let's get some fun content, eh? I'd like some comments for sa-weet ideas of what you, the readers, want to see.

Lots of love,
Carolyn Michelle

Ps: More official documentation of Propaganda Candy being an official business arrived yesterday. Spiffffyyyyy.

Photo: Yummy cake from the Trident @ NIU. Aug 25 2010

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