Saturday, August 21, 2010

Propaganda Candy Says a Sweet Hello to Dorm Life!

Propaganda Candy Says a Sweet Hello to Dorm Life!

Candy Fans in the DeKalb area will be excited to know that Propaganda Candy has officially moved in to it's new, college home. As of August 19th, Samantha Marie and I are living, studying, and crafting on the NIU campus in DeKalb, IL.

What does that mean to the business?

New friends, craft enthusiasts, and opportunities are bubbling to the surface and let me tell you, it is quite exciting! The Community Adviser for our floor is totally supportive of our endeavors and plans to make an official title for the two of us within our floor's council thing. Our vote is in for the title of "Crafty Goddesses" so that we can plan all a ton of awesome craft-tastic events for the girls on our floor. is that going?

Crafting between our two dorm rooms will take some adjusting for certain, but it will be fine. Samantha and I are planning on hitting up the great downtown of DeKalb today in order to scope out the craft supply stores. Apparently there is a Michael's, a JoAnn Fabric, and a Big Lots. Hoorah!

Also, there is a store here called The Yarn Exchange. You can feel free to assume that I am going to be all over that. Truth.

So that, my friends, is where we are. If you are a Ni-You Huskie reading this, leave us a comment! Add us on Facebook! Holla and represent that Huskie pride!

And...I'm out.
Carolyn Michelle

PS: We have an new event!! Check it out on the Facebook page!

Photos Top to Bottom: 1. Propaganda Candy business cards on Carolyn Michelle's desk, ready to be handed out to the masses.
2. Now you know where Carolyn Michelle sleeps: on a zebra.
3. Food stuffs in the dormroom of CM and roommate Kera Rose (from CM's High School).

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