Friday, May 21, 2010

Who Can Get Free Stuff? The Candy Fans Can!!

Any business owner will tell you that there are tasks within the business that are just no fun to do: taxes, cleaning, taxes, dealing with dumb people, or taxes. However, the fun tasks are always rewarding enough to cancel out the pain and suffering involved in the un-fun tasks. Here at Propaganda Candy, it is no different...

One of our favorite things to do for the business is make buttons.

Samantha and I love to design buttons, print buttons, punch buttons, assemble buttons, buttons, buttons, buttons!! While we do the un-fun parts of business, we think of ideas for buttons. I don't know about Samantha, but I can say that I even design buttons in the shower. Sammi's younger brother and my younger sister even get into the act and help out on the production line. We LOVE buttons!!

"Okay! We get it! But what does the button-obsession have to do with the free stuff you mentioned in the title?!"

Well, my friends, Propaganda Candy has an offer for all the Candy Fans out there (did I mention that there are 71 Candy Fans on Facebook? SWEET!!) : when you come to our next event (The Yellow Creek Crafters, Antiques, and Flea Market) print off a page of our blog, or, a page from Facebook that displays you being a fan of Propaganda Candy. Bring that page to the show and you will get a free 1" button (of your choice) with your purchase.

Easy? Yes.

Awesome? Totally.

Event details are still right here on Facebook.

Hope to see all our Candy Fans out in Freeport in two weeks!!

Lots of love and blessings,
Carolyn Michelle

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