Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Pec Thing Recap and Future Event Announcement

Hello everyone! Here's a quick summary of the debut of the Propaganda Candy debut:

It was awesome!

So many friends, family, and new faces visited the booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, not only did Propaganda Candy break even, we had the finances available to rent a booth and table at another show.

Da-da-da! Announcing the second-ever Propaganda Candy event:

Propaganda Candy will be at the Yellow Creek Crafters, Antique, and Flea Market show at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds in Freeport, Illinois.

June 5th and 6th from 8 AM-5 PM. $2 entrance fee, but kids 10 and under are FREE!

It will be much the same type of show as the Pec Thing: tons of vendors across the fairgrounds selling anything from furniture to food.

All this event info and more can be found on our Facebook page for the show. Also, if you haven't already, make sure to "Like" Propaganda Candy on Facebook. When you do, you'll get to receive show updates, get to see even more pictures, and watch our official videos. Do it.

That's the end of my shameless self-propaganda.

Hmmm...I wonder where we got the name from...

Have a blessed and crazy week!
Carolyn Michelle

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