Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day I: The Debut of Propaganda Candy at the Pecatonica "Pec Thing"

There is no remedy so powerful to a case of the pre-show nerves as a perfectly lovely spring day.

Hello, and welcome to the debut of Propaganda Candy, a crafty collaboration of me, Carolyn Michelle, and my dear friend Samantha Marie. Our first ever event began today in Pecatonica, Illinois at the 30th Annual "Pec Thing."

For those poor unfortunate souls who have never heard of the Pec Thing, I'll break it down for you: basically, it's a giant garage sale/flea market/craft show/amazing thing in which sellers rent booths and sell whatever they can haul in. :) Samantha and I hauled in crafty goods.

This has been an interesting experience thus far and, my dears, it has only been a day. Did I mention this was our first show, EVER?! Hence, the tired, incoherent ramble-of-a-post this has become.

If anyone is reading this at the moment, I will solemnly vow to provide a more detailed history (after some sleep perhaps?) of Propaganda Candy and those responsible.

For now, hang tight. Good night. See you in Pec?

Lots of love,
Carolyn Michelle

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