Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pec Thing Cometh!

Indeed it does!

And the wonderful news is that some dear little ladies from our dorm hall are all excited about making the trek back home with Samantha Marie and I! Three girls (Sarah, Trisha, and Becca) will journey into the world of insane crafty-sales this Friday.

Basically, we told them that the Pec Thing is a gi-gan-toid flea market/craft show with tons of cool stuff and they were all like, "Oh heck yes we'll come help you!!" Plus, my dad may or may not be making homemade pizza Saturday night.

Bribery with food and flea markets. I love these girls.

But seriously, they are wonderfully fun and kind for coming with this weekend. It's going to be an all-night, all-out craft-a-thon Friday night in order to make sure everything is all set for Saturday morning. We are kind of pushing it this time, but I have faith. Especially with the addition of three more sets of helping hands.

Five days until we open!! Keep us in your prayers.

Lord knows we need them...

Carolyn Michelle

Photo: Propaganda Candy at the Spring Pec Thing 2010

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