Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First Etsy Sale!!

All's quite on the Candy front? I think not!!

I am please to announce on behalf of both Samantha Marie and myself, that Propaganda Candy has just made it's first sale. HOORAH!!!

And, my dear Candy Fans, it was not only just a was a quadruple sale! Four Finger Candy Rings to one lucky buyer. What a good first sale. Indeed.

So you know what that means? Two things:
1. A new video shall be forthcoming
2. New listings are called for even MORE

Keep checking back here, on the Etsy, and on Facebook for more propaganda from your favorite crazy crafters!

Love you,
Carolyn Michelle (on behalf of Samantha Marie and Carolyn Michelle)

Celebratory fireworks photo from Darryle Pollack's blog

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